UnderDeck Components . . . Fewer parts - easy installation!

Easy installation is achieved with just a few UnderDeck components. There are accessories of course: Hot-dipped galvanized roofing nails or pan head screws, exterior grade caulking and weatherproof tape. You may also prefer to use our vinyl UnderDeck Ledger Wrap rather than paint the Ledger board ā€“ the board located along your deck from which your deck hangs from. We will be glad to add Ledger Wrap as an option on your UnderDeck product cost estimate.

You may prefer to install a standard water gutter system at the edge of your deck to divert the water away from your home. This installation is also easily accomplished, and the water gutter system is available from your local building supply source. Note: The UnderDeck outdoor ceiling system is cut slightly shorter if you choose to use water gutters.

These are the UnderDeck The Original components:

Water Diverter: Diverts water from the building onto the outdoor ceiling system.


Joist Rail: The structural support fastens onto your joists and carries the entire system.

Collector Panel: Sections that create a dimensional, curved visual and directs water into the gutter system.

Joist Gutter: Carry the water through the system from the central joists to the end of the deck.

Boundary Gutter: Carry the water through the system from the edge joists to the end of the deck.