UnderDeck Plan and Product Cost Estimating Form

Here’s how to obtain cost estimates to expand your outdoor living space! By completing the form below and by uploading a couple photos and a rough drawing with measurements of the under side of your deck, FehrMark, Inc. can provide a Free Product Cost Estimate within a few working days. You buy the exact quantity of UnderDeck components needed, not carton quantities, so you won’t end up with extra expense and wasted product.

Important: You may want to install a standard water gutter system at the edge of your deck to divert the water away from your home. NOTE: THE UNDERDECK SYSTEM PURCHASED FROM FEHRMARK INC. DOES NOT INCLUDE THE OPTIONAL RAIN GUTTER OR DOWNSPOUTS. The rain gutter and downspouts can be purchased at most local building supply stores. Follow the installation methods provided by the gutter manufacturer. Note: The UnderDeck outdoor ceiling system is cut slightly shorter if you choose to use water gutters.

UnderDeck is easily installed by a handy Do-It-Yourselfer or a local carpenter. You may download the installation instructions here. The instructions include the list of tools and supplies required to install UnderDeck. You can decide if you want to install-it-yourself or hire someone after you’ve reviewed our instruction guide and watched our online videos.

Below are three drawings showing standard deck configurations. Use the letter key in the drawing to complete the Estimating Form below. Your number of deck joists and dimensions may be different than the examples shown below, but you should be able to understand what we are looking for from you to create an estimate. If not, contact us.

Also, if your deck configuration is different than one shown, we will be glad to help you. Contact FehrMark, Inc. at 1.888.353.3347 or email Our fax number is 570.739.4424.